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The Special Tradition of praying the St. Andrew Christmas Novena

Praying the St. Andrew Novena during Advent is one of our favorite family traditions! We love the St. Andrew Christmas Novena, and we use our clings and prints to help remind us to pray throughout the day. But, after just a few day, the prayer becomes easily memorizable, too!

This special novena is traditionally prayed throughout the day each day from the feast of St. Andrew on Nov. 30th until Christmas Eve. St. Andrew was the very first apostle called by Jesus to follow Him! Then, Andrew led his brother Peter, the first pope, to find the Messiah. St. Andrew can do the same for us as our spiritual friend. As we pray this beautiful novena all the way to the manger of Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve, once again we find the Messiah, the newborn King!

Some people choose pray this prayer faithfully fifteen times a day during the days leading up to Christmas! I have several tools to help remind us to pray:
our St. Andrew Vinyl Cling novena sets - these are static cling prayers that can be stuck to any smooth surface Ave then moved and replaced over and over again. I even put my cling on the dash of my car last year during Advent and it stayed right there all season long! 

I hope you'll join us this Advent in this beloved tradition, and we'll all journey closer to our newborn King during this season.