Love Your Neighbor Valentine's Day

Welcome friends! It's the "Love Your Neighbor Valentine's Day"! 

I'd love to have you join this effort!
The inspiration came when I thought to give Valentines in secret to a few people I know that are struggling. It's been a hard, strange year - needless to say. My plan was to leave an anonymous gift at a person's door with a note signed "love, your neighbor".

As I thought over these plans, I was reminded - probably by the Holy Spirit - of the Scripture verse in Mark 12:31: "Love your neighbor as yourself."
And then, the idea hit me. Of course, less than a week before Valentine's Day! :)
What if we came together to form an effort!?

A "Love Your Neighbor Valentine's Day"! To show our neighbors around us that they are loved. By us. And by the Lord. We can come together, all over, and leave Valentines, signed anonymously, "Love your neighbor", without the comma this time, in subtle reference to Mark 12:31. 

To make this even simpler and easier, I've created a free printable Love Your Neighbor Valentine's Day Card and included it on my here below for you to download. There is a color version and a black and white version - you choose your fav. Use it however you'd like for personal use*.

You might notice a hint of Immaculate heart of Mary in the design <3

It's simple:
  • Print out your free Valentine (see below)
  • Add something of your own - note, gift, flower, a cookie, candy (this does NOT have to be pricey or cost anything at all!)
  • Valentines are anonymous, signed "Love your neighbor"
  • Leave it on their porch, car, desk, wherever. Get creative!
  • Say a prayer for the people you have gifted.
  • SHARE! We'd love to see all the good works you do! You can private message or postyour story on instagram, facebook, or via email, share a photo by tagging us with @santaclaradesign or with the hashtag #loveyourneighborvalentine
Would you like to join me? What to help spread the word? I can't wait to see the love we can share, together.

Let's love our neighbor, and show them the overwhelming love of Jesus.

free for personal use means you can't sell it, etc... this is a free thing for the community, so be good :)

Here are your Love Your Neighbor Printables (click the images to download):
smaller cards, 4 to a page:

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